About Us

Travel Aura is a one stop travel agency based out of Mumbai assisting clients
with all their travel related needs.

Travel Aura was started in 2004 by Rajiv Vurdhman who has over 30 years experience
of the travel industry.

Our goal from inception has been to provide top notch quality and professional services with
a personal touch. This goal has been religiously followed and has become our trade mark.

Our dedicated team of travel executives are experienced with deep understanding of the
travel trade and are ready to assist our clients with their travel plans be it air tickets, hotel reservations or planning holidays and honeymoons. We specialize in customized
outbound tours.

We guarantee that we can cater to and customize every travel request of our clients.
Come, Let us Open the Windows of the World for You.

Our Philosophy:

Life is a Journey…

From the times of Vasco da Gama and Marco Polo,
the human spirit and endeavor is to travel and explore; to imbibe the culture of different places, cities and countries; to be inspired and motivated; to get seduced by the scenic beauty of the grand landscapes and to enrich our lives.

That is why we decided to be the catalysts to make your dreams come true.